Building the out-of-tree RTL8723BS driver

I’ve recently built the kernel for Lichee Pi since I needed support for cifs. Now the new kernel is 4.10.15, with the rtl8723bs.ko being for 4.10.2 or .4, making it incompatible. I’ve tried to compile it, taking sources from NTC C.H.I.P., which uses the same chip. But I’ve been getting errors that I can’t seem to solve.

Here’s a paste of my error output, since it’s too long to post here:

The errors seem to be related to the WIFI bands not being defined correctly, could be related to my build computer. E.G. ‘IEEE80211_BAND_5GHZ’ undeclared (first use in this function)

I’d really appreciate any help. If anybody wants the kernel with cifs.ko, I can also post it here.

Save yourself the pain, get the 4.13.y branch from the official lichee pi kernel github. It has the module in tree (still staging so it will build only as a module)

I can’t seem to find it in menuconfig. It’s not in the staging drivers or the wifi drivers. I cloned into 4.13.y, so my branch is correct. I’ll google for a while, thanks for your hint already!

No, if you cloned the correct branch you will definitely find it in the Device Drivers -> Staging Drivers, and iirc the licheepi_zero_defconfig already selects it by default as well. If you are interested, I have a branch at which contains the dtb patches to get spi and the two secondary UARTs working in the dock dtb.

I have successfully built this too, and you can find a image with this kernel at Void linux release alpha 2

Found it, thanks a lot! I don’t need SPI currently, just needed WIFI and Cifs. I’m working on a music player that can stream from my NAS and be controlled via a web interface. Should be sweet once it’s all done since the LicheePi uses so little power. I’ll publish it when I’ve got something to publish and post here too.

Heh I really want to throw a lichee at that idea too. Definitely post your results. I assume you are going with MPD for your idea?

MPlayer with a FIFOPipe, lighttp with PHP, sqlite and some javascript. Any more will lead to intense swapping. I started with the interface this afternoon, already got the MPlayer set up. Still needs all the background work done and a seekbar. And, of course, a logo. So consider this a better mockup.

I didn’t think about MPD beforehand, might switch still.


This posting is awesome!

I’m setting up lighttpd with php.

But. It’s very hard T^T

plz… let me know that what version of lighttpd and php you installed.

and… how you configured lgihttpd server.

My email is

Thank you .!!

Hey, I just dug out my LicheePi again and will try to make some progress. Here’s what I installed:

Thank you so much ^^!

No worries, did it work for you?