Connecting LCD display AT050TN33

Is it possible to connect LCD display like this to Lichee Pi Zero?
Will touch functionality work?

Yes, the most 40pin LCD is supported, and the RTP is tested.


Were you able to get it working?

@yeyeto2788 I bought that LCD and successfully connect with Lichee Pi Zero

Thanks for your reply @skynet.

Did it work also the Resistive Touch?


Umm…I’ve not tested LCD yet due to screen resolution(its resolution is 480x272, but Debian with LXDE for lichee pi zero is 480x800), I think it doesn’t have LCD touch.

Did you try connecting it at least? I have search a bit for changing the screen resolution on LXDE and I found this.

I hope it helps. I’m waiting for my screen to test it personally. :frowning:

Hi, the touch is work too, it is depends on ns2009.ko, not debian fs.

Do you mind explaining how to configure the LCD screen resolution based on what you pointed out?

I have connected the LCD and boot up and the resolution is bigger than the screen can accept. My screen has a resolution of 480x272


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Hi, you can download the uboot that support 480272 in netdisk:
download zero_imager, and use to update u-boot-sunxi-with-spl_480272.bin.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try and I’ll let you know if I did it correctly.

I took a look at the file and it is expecting the drive where we want to change the uboot. So to call this script it is needed to type on the terminal the following commands:

So I edited the file to be like this:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=$1 bs=1024 seek=8 count=512 &&\
sudo dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl_480272.bin of=$1 bs=1024 seek=8 &&\
  • chmod +x
  • ./ /dev/sdX where X is the drive number.

Everything should be OK after that.

I have also posted a comment on this tutorial so everyone that has problem can fix it.

I’ll give a try once I get home. :slight_smile:


this link is Invalid unble to download