DVP Camera Module

Does anyone have experience using a 4K (sony IMX 214) DVP camera module with the Lichee PI Zero to record H264 HD and UHD video as well as taking high res photo’s? Thanks in advance. Regards Pim

Hi, looking by brief datasheet IMX214 do not support DVP , only MIPI .
MIPI camera port is not supported in mainline kernel, maybe is in legacy one.
DVP (Parallel CSI = camera sensor interface) of V3s is under development and partially work.

Thanks Pe3ucTop, I will look fort another camera module that supports DVP/Paralellel CSI

What is the best (tested) camera module with at least an 8MP sensor? Anyone?

Is there a supported working CSI camera for the zero yet? Do you have any instructions for getting the CSI camera to work on the zero?