Is it possible to buy lichee pi zero in any eshop?


Is it possible to buy lichee pi zero in any eshop?


It is only on taobao yet:
I’m talking with some agent, and they will put Zero on amazon,ebay, aliexpress, etc.

When is it going to be available?
It’s impossible for me to buy from taobao.

It will available in july, I will post when it available.

Were are July 9th today, but still no lp0 to buy!

I missed the IGG campaign, and I can’t wait to buy some in a store, please hurry!!!

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2nd batch 1k pcs will come this week, I will put it on tindie this week

The week is over, and still no lp0 anywhere… ETA?

When will it be available online?

Hi, the new batch Zero is coming, and I’m editing it on tindie, you can see it on tindie tomorrow

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Hi Zepan,

Thanks for your reply.
Looking forward to see it in on tindie tommorow.
Any links where i can order Allwinner V3s chips?

You can only order them on Aliexpress.
Like here:

Hi Zepan,

Thanks for your reply too!
Looking forward to see it in on tindie tommorow!


I could not find EA3036 ic online. It would be great if someone could share the link.

Thank you

Here is the link:

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Hi Zepan,

This is the message i am getting.
“This store does not currently have any products available.”

Hi, it is 3ch dcdc chip, you can use any dcdc or pmu chip instead.

It is waiting for admin appoval…

Great, will wait :relaxed:

Any low cost dcdc or pmu you suggest?

If you don’t care power consume, you can use normal LDO like AMS1117 instead.
Otherwise, you can use DCDC like SY8008, AP3410, or PMU like AXP203.