Let’s design Lichee Pi Zero and it’s dock

Lichee Pi Zero is coming soon, and we want you take apart into it’s designing

What’s Lichee Pi Zero?

Lichee Pi Zero is based on Allwinner V3s (ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, 1.2GHz, 512Mbit DDR2 integrated), with SPI Nor/NAND flash (16/128 MB) and TF Card slot on board.

It contains:

  • Breadboard-compatiable 2.54mm(100mil) DIP (2*15) package
  • A TF Card solt, support TF Card or TF Card size wifi module (ESP8089)
  • A multipurpose FPC40P connector (RGB/LVDS LCD, VGA, HDMI, DVP, GPIO etc)
  • MIC, Speaker, Ethernet, MIPI Camera Interface in 1.27mm (50mil) DIP connector
  • An multipurpose Micro USB connector (power-supply, USB serial, USB ethernet, ADB or HOST)
  • An RGB LED, LRADC, UARTs, I2Cs, PWMs, RTC etc

Pinout diagram of Lichee Pi Zero

Overview of Lichee Pi Zero

Breadboard compatible

SD card size

How to develop Lichee Pi Zero?

The Allwinner’s official SDK support camdroid (an extremely simplified android).
We are doing adaption work for linux mainline, it will support linux mainline soon, and you can program it with:

  • Scripting language users (Python, Lua, Shell etc)
  • FrontEnd Engineer (JavaScript)
  • Arduino fans (arduino-linke C/C++)
  • Senior geeker also can play it as a MCU (in u-boot environment or RTOS)

Lichee Pi Zero is headless, all you need is a USB cable

The possibility of Lichee Pi Zero

There are a lot of funny things you can do with Lichee Pi Zero, includes:

  • Mini sports camera, like GoPro (DVP/MIPI interface, support 1080p recording).
  • Micro game boy (RGB LCD up to 1280*800, audio integrated).
  • Multifunctional IOT network gateway (support Wifi Ethernet, Lora, Zigbee).
  • Micro controller-like usage (Robotics, Aircraft, Home Automation).
  • Smart Device like Amazon Echo (dual mic speech recognition, Wifi speaker, NAS etc).

Get Involved to make Lichee Pi Zero better

The Lichee Pi is an open source project, different with other projects, we hope every one of you to get involved into the hardware design as well as software. The Lichee Pi Zero core board is basically finished, and the dock is under designing, we want to hear your suggestions in those areas:

  • Core board pins map (make it easy to integrate).
  • Dock board design (make is easy and funny to play).
  • Transplant several drivers to linux mainline (TCON, CSI etc).
  • Package low level operation for high level programing language (Python, JavaScript etc).
  • Collaborative development and incentive plan

Our project can be found at https://github.com/Zepan/lichee-pi-zero, please create an issue if you have any problems.