LicheePi(nano,zero,one,two,RV) telegram group

Hi, everyone, I create telegram gourp for communication (about nano,zero,one,two,RV…):

u can communicate any embeded topic in there.

Hi Zepan,
I joined the Telegram group but after a while it was removed!
I didn’t post any spam. I tried from my original account and another new account again but it always says the group is no longer accessible!
Is it a private group now? b/c it seems like it exists with 346 members.

How can I join? Why was I removed? I didn’t post any spam. I once only asked a question and received the answer for it nicely.


hi,join the telegram link is now

I tried but It says there is no account with this user name! (Sipeed)
I could send you the screenshot.

Is the link wrong?

What is the Telegram account of the group admins? So I could contact them to add me.


hi,do you click that link?