RetroPie on Lichee Pi Zero


Since the board has significant visual capacity it would be nice to use it as Gameboy. The question is can Lichee Pi Zero run Retro Pie?

The next question would be is it possible to use a speaker, 11 buttons and power it with a Li-Ion battery?

lpi0 is limited by DRAM, and incompatible with Raspberry Pi’s GPU, so we can’t use RetroPie directly.
RetroPie is based on EmulationStation, and I have tried compile it for lpi0, but it have too much dependency to compile…
Then I tried mednafen, another lightweight emulator, it is easy to compile and works fine.
here is the link:

joystick(wireless or I2C), speaker(1W or 3W) can be found in indiegogo suit, and lpi0-dock contains battery circuit too.

Thank you for the answer. It seems it is not the best project match for Lichee Pi Zero.

I am not a pro but Mednafen looks like a bit limited and complex compared to RetroPie. So I should find something else.

Yes, EmulationStation implement all things: friendly gui, and lots emulators.
While Mednafen is a set of emulators, no gui include(start from command-line), it is seems “complex” to newbies.
If someone add GUI for Mednafen, that will be much better.

Oh, I find gui for Mednafen :
But it is a desktop version, not suit for “gameboy” gui.

I took quite a while to build a EmulationStation for LicheePi Zero, you can watch this video:

certainly singular. where did you get the music from… my brain melted :slight_smile:

um, I don’t know its name…
I download it from, and there are lots BGM.

Hi Zepan,
I now understand why it took you a while to cross-compile EmulationStation for the licheePi…it’s a nightmare of dependencies.
Could you post a small tutorial please ?