Maixduino board, esp32 firmware

i came from esp32 and i am just starting to work with k210. I have question about esp32 firmware, is there somewhere available source code?
My maixduino board is with esp32 firmware 1.2.2, i would like to know if i can create AP on esp32. From waht i found in MaixPy there is no such option, but maybe not all SPI commands are exposed yet.
I am also interested in BLE accessibility on esp32.

So far, i imported esp32 related files from MaixPy to kendryte standalone sdk(PlatformIO) and i am able to connect to AP. What is strange not all AP. I cant connect my home router i am always using with esp32 and i dont have problems with regular esp32, but i can connect AP on my smartphone.

@Zepan Any help here, please, or just info.

only c source available:

If this is code used in esp32 on maixduino board then its enough. Thanks.

@Zepan Its not this firmware. After flashing to esp32 it is running, but is not communicating with k210.
Even if i checkout older commit, with firmware 1.2.2, which is flashed on maixduino the result is the same (no communication).

Ok, i managed to make it working. Here is bug or different design in boards:

Reset pin on maixduino (last value) is pin 25, not 33.

I am trying to make my maixduino board to run wifi and internet connections. Connecting to wifi and access to internet is not an issue, the problem is socket reliability.
I found that with current firmware esp32 throughput is very bad, about 30kB/s with my test server on LAN network. By tweaking wifi settings in menuconfig, in particular increasing AMPDU, throughput increased to about 180-200kB/s.

It is still not enough to keep stable socket connection, and by stable connection i mean to fill buffer fast enough that k210 could gather data, but it is some start.

您好,请问您是如何下载 esp的 firmware 的?com7 可以看到esp打印,说明连接正常,但是无法下载。

Respected Zepan, tell me how I can enable and use BLE on the Board Maixduino with ESP 32 (firmware maixduino_esp32_spislave V1.4) from Python or C++