Change SPI 8 bit data bus 1.8V to 3.3V

Hello!, i want to use MAIX M1 drive SSD1963. SSD1963 needs 3.3V I/O but MAIX M1 SPI0 8 bit data bus send 1.8V (for bit 1). So i needs SPI0 8 bit data bus in 3.3V.

How i change SPI 8 bit data bus 1.8V to 3.3V for drive SSD1963 ?

I thought it was fixed at 1.8V, but then I read this post. So maybe it is possible. Let me know if it works.

we have done it. 1963 IO can be switch to 1.8V.
We have drive 7inch LCD now , refer to our twitter

I use SSD1963 module in AliExpress so i can’t change VDDIO of SSD1963.

Not SSD1963 only. The most of SPI device use 3.3V of IO. if i can chang SPI0 to 3.3V i can connect SPI bus to every device.

i use MAIX M1 module. so change hardware difficult too for me.

Are high-speed logic level shifters an option? Something like this.

Thanks ! i think like this. for prototype i will use logic level shift. cost of logic level shift not problem for me but when i make product if can remove logic level shift i can save cost of my product.

I think next version of K210 module can change IO voltage will make it compatibility every device.

the LCD and CAMERA 8bit SPI is fixed by chip, but others can be set voltage.

Thank so much ! I waiting next RISC-V chip next generation. I think next chip fixed this problem.