Socket programming with C SDK

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I need to do some socket programming on a MAIX M1w. Since some of my dependencies are written in C, I cannot use MaixPy. Do you have any documentation about the socket interfaces in C?

Hey - I have same question.
I also found some examples here:

It looks like all sockets code is on esp chip which is nice but so far I don’t know how to control data transfers from it. I know easiest way is to reflash 8285 with your own image and go from there but maybe there is a nice functionality there already.
Maybe Sipeed team could help here )

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you can refer to MaixPy’s network code, it is open

I want to use C/C++ only

I means, MaixPy is written by C, you can refer to MaixPy’s source C code.

Hi I had the same problem like you, to send data betweeb MaixDock or any Kendryte board, and a Socket server you need to use a WIFI Board, for example I have a Maid Dock MW1, this model uses the ESP8285 WIFI module, this models works with an old plain AT command protocol, its very simple to use. You can find the commands specification in the page of the creators of the WIFI Module, or you could read the example codes that the MaixDuino has, just install Arduino and then load the MaixDuino configuration.

You can google for “ESP8266 AT Instruction Set” and you can get a PDF with the specifications of the AT commands. Sorry I have the PDF but i’m a new user of this BBS and i can’t upload files, maybe in the future I will get this privilege.