SPI Mode 3 have bug?

Hello, I want use SPI0 Mode 3 data 8 bit to drive LCD display via 8080 interface but i found it and i think this bug.

Code for test:

#include "gpio.h"
#include "fpioa.h"
#include "./kendryte-standalone-sdk/lib/drivers/include/spi.h"

void setup() {
  // Map Pin
  fpioa_set_function(16, FUNC_SPI0_D0);
  fpioa_set_function(17, FUNC_SPI0_D1);
  fpioa_set_function(18, FUNC_SPI0_D2);
  fpioa_set_function(19, FUNC_SPI0_D3);
  fpioa_set_function(20, FUNC_SPI0_D4);
  fpioa_set_function(21, FUNC_SPI0_D5);
  fpioa_set_function(22, FUNC_SPI0_D6);
  fpioa_set_function(23, FUNC_SPI0_D7);
  fpioa_set_function(25, FUNC_GPIOHS8); // Map RS to GPIOHS
  fpioa_set_function(24, FUNC_SPI0_SCLK); // Map WR pin
  fpioa_set_function(26, FUNC_SPI0_SS0); // Map CS pin

  spi_init(SPI_DEVICE_0, SPI_WORK_MODE_3, SPI_FF_OCTAL, 8, 0);
  spi_init_non_standard(SPI_DEVICE_0, 8, 0, 15, SPI_AITM_AS_FRAME_FORMAT);

  spi_set_clk_rate(SPI_DEVICE_0, 1E6);

uint8_t dataBuffer[2] = { 0x0F, 0xF0 };

void loop() {
  spi_send_data_normal_dma(DMAC_CHANNEL3, SPI_DEVICE_0, SPI_CHIP_SELECT_0, dataBuffer, 2, SPI_TRANS_CHAR);

i upload code and then use oscilloscope to check pin IO24 and IO26 i found it

the 8080 interface will get data when pin WR change from LOW to HIGH. my code send 2 byte data but i see WR change from LOW to HIGH three times. i think this bug.

What do you think ? Thanks.

Note: I connect WR (LCD) to CLK (MAIX M1) and CS to SS0.

I’m having the same problem, unable to drive the R61529 LCD with the K210.
When using the STM32’s IO driver, I found that WR only goes from low to high once when sending one byte of data.
How did you solve this problem later?