I like terminal. I use e-mail, browser etc on terminal but my terminal are big and heavy.
I need network and keyboard. Similar:

Many people using powerline and nerd font. I need only ssh, vi, ruby and mc :wink:
And day working device, not 3h but whole day.

Lichi working with minimal power, please add keyboard , small screen (meybe e-ink or better pixelQ)
and network. Look at pine64 laptop. 10h working device with linux.

you can use small bt keyboard & small oled lcd, it should easy to drive

Meybe for You are easy not for me.
I must have power, and any box. No this are not trivial but many people need this. Small device working 24-35h , eficient screen.

Look at kali linux and many raspbery pi mobile termials, ugly but useful, You can create nice and working.