Maix-M1 Flash Capacity

Just looking for clarification on the specs for this module. There is some contradictory information in various places. You better buckle up for this. It’s a bumpy ride!

First the product pages…

This page for the w/o WIFI version indicates “8MB/16MB/128MB Flash” (why are there 3 options?) but this one for the with WIFI model indicates 16MB Flash memory. These numbers are in “Mega Bytes”.

The schematic for the M1 indicates it is a W25N01, which is supposedly a 16MB part that is powered by 1.8V.
However, the W25N01 data sheet indicates “W25N01GV: 1G-bit / 128M-byte” and that it runs off a “single 2.7 to 3.6V supply”. The schematic indicates the part is powered from 1.8V so if this is actually the part then they are operating it well below spec. This needs to be addressed.

I found another flash memory data sheet in the same location as the W25N01. This is for the W25Q80 and it indicates that it is for “8M-BIT, 16M-BIT AND 32M-BIT”, which means 4MBytes max or 1/4 of what the schematic indicates. In addition to this it also requires a “2.7 to 3.6V supply” so this can’t be it either can it? Running it undervoltage isn’t a good thing and in this case it can be problematic.

The datasheets for both the W25N01 & W25Q80 have an identical discussion on the power up process and it’s described perfectly with the following image, which is from page #54 & #55 of the W25N01 DS:

Note that the operating voltage of the part (whatever it happens to be… I still have no idea!!!) should be a MINIMUM of 2.7V. If either the W25N01 or the W25Q80 are used in this design then they are undervoltage by almost 1V.

Please address this ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

oh, sorry, the sch part number is wrong.
the flash is 16MB 1.8V spi nor flash, not spi nand flash.
but their footprint in sch is same, our hardware engineer forget to edit the name, sorry.

Thank you for the clarification.