Maix M1W Go Audio Output


Can anyone point me in the right direction for sorting audio output on the Maix Go.

I have tried the example, which seems to work but no sound output, i.e. the code I now have runs okay and the play() function returns 0 indicating the audio file played but I didn’t hear anything.

The code indicates that there is an enable audio pin (32), I have tried with and without this code, as I don’t think is relevant to my board version 3.4.0 (according to sys.version). Also, pin 32 is MIC0_BCK according to the MAiX GO board level electrical connections.

I have also tried other scripts in the examples that record and play audio but with no audible output. The FFT spectrum demo works okay, so there is no issue with audio input.

I have also ensured that the WAV file is encoded in 16 bit little endian, however I’m unsure if it needs to be signed or unsigned.

Any advice appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

EDIT: sorry guys it seems that as soon as I post something I find a solution hours if not minutes later.
Yes, my board needs to set pin 32 high to enable audio, tested again with and without enable audio pin code. The reason it still wasn’t working seems to be due to that a delay is required after enabling. I noticed as after doing a soft reboot Ctrl+D it worked okay.The optimum delay seems to be 4 seconds between enabling and playing.