Where is the GigaDevice GD32V SDK documentation?

I’m preparing for the arrival of my Longan board, and I’m trying to find the documentation for the GigaDevice GD32V SDK. I started with the PlatformIO documentation about the “gd32vf103-sdk” framework:


This links to “vendor site” for more information, which actually is a GitHub repository:

There it says “For more comprehensive information, please visit http://www.riscv-mcu.com/”.

And then I’m lost, nowhere I can find an actual documentation of the SDK.

Could anyone point me to the GigaDevice GD32V SDK documentation, or doesn’t it exist?

Thank you in advance.

The SoC docs (summary datasheet and detailed register definitions) are here: -

The SDK document I found here: -

Really, the SDK examples are the best source of information - the above document doesn’t say much more than the header files already give you.

I’m keeping some (currently haphazard) notes on a web page, there are other links towards the bottom: -

@kevin Thanks for the links, at least I did not overlook something. I will study the SDK examples to find out more about the SDK.

Your notes look also very useful, they will help me with the first step once my board arrives.