Compiling micropython-ulab library


I’m trying to collect Maixpy ​​from the source code to include additional library micropython-ulab.
ulab is a numpy-like array manipulation library for micropython.

At the moment I was able to gather maixpy.bin with missing plug-ins ‘ulab’, even though I was trying to edit mpconfigport.h
I was guided by these sources: and
Probably need additional configuration CMake build system.

I would appreciate any help.

I have the same problem !

Hi, MaixPy already put ulab inside, as well as numpy

But when i try to import ulab, error : File “”, line 9, in
ImportError: no module named ‘ulab’

use import numpy
we are talking about this lib right?

Yes I started to follow this tutorial, see that I work with MAIX GO / BIT under windows, I don’t know if this step "
sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi “is essential to see that I can compile directly with make, again” make BOARD = PYBV11 USER_C_MODULES = … / … / … / ulab all "
when i try to change the name of the board for example MAIX GO / BIT send me error that it does not exist !! my material is from STM32f103
I do not understand