Is there any Documentation for the Wio Lite available yet.

I can’t find anything at the moment, though it is early days.

I should have said the Wio Lite RISC-V (GD32VF103) - With ESP8266
As there are a few models.


Added: I’m not sure what to call it yet, a Blinky or Paperweight.
Without some basic information I’m not prepared to do much.
The Power LED comes ON, the PA8 LED flashes (top) and the
CHR (charge) LED does a micro blink. I’m not even prepared
to hook up a battery without some Basic Info on the CHR circuit.
The Substrate is thin (1.2mm) which I think is a good thing,
I’ve often wondered why smaller PCB’s are not using it rather
than the standard 1.6mm, which often seems clumsy on tiny boards.

this board is not from sipeed, please refer to seeed forum
and we suggest use our longan nano board with well document

Thank you, my mistake, hard to read Chinese website if you
only speak English :smiley: Confusion who is who.

I have a Longan Nano, Platformio will not work on my PC, an
alternate method would be helpful, I see many others having trouble also.