Longan Nano with Altera USB Blaster

I ordered the Altera USB Blaster from EBay so I could get access to JTAG programming and debugging for this device.

Being a bit impulsive, I connected them and observed the Nano reset twice, then I started to smell that lovely hot circuit board smell and quickly disconnected them. The Nano operated normally after. I guess my first clue should have been that the Nano has 8 pins and the JTAG connector has 10 - 2 NC, and the NC are in the middle of one side. So I’m guessing I need some sort of adapter.

Since the Altera USB Blaster is a recommended interface, it stands to reason that there’s a recommended product or at least documentation for constructing a recommended adapter, but google-fu can’t find any references.

Anyone had any luck with this?

Am i just being thick and just need to map the pinouts of the 2 connectors? :wink:

Altera USB Blaster JTAG pinout from PlatformIO guide:

Longan Nano JTAG pinout

The Top Side Pins are for using an FTDI type serial dongle ~
3V3, R0, T0, Gnd.

The Bottom Side (Longan Nano) pins with a ‘J’ are the
JTAG ones, ‘T’ on adapter, which I’ve never used before.

Added: VCC on adapter will probably be 5V don’t cook
the 3V3 pins.
Use little jumper cables, like Arduino ones.

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