40 pin to 50 pin LCD adapter for Zero/Nano

I read somewhere it’s possible to use the 40p connector with a 50p LCD display and an adapter but I can’t find good references anywhere.

Specifically I have a couple of 7” AT070TN92 800x480 LCDs I would like to use with some Lichee Nano’s

Is it possible?
Is simple pin to pin mapping with a simple adapter enough or is signal conversion necessary?
Do I need to patch my own driver?
Does anyone have a link for an adapter that’ll work?

Best regards

convert 40pin to 50pin, just need extra power supply for LCD logic power, it usually need 3-ch voltage
you need refer to some 50pin lcd base board to design your convert board

Thank you so much for your reply.

I might whip something up with a TPS65120-series power supply. That should work I suppose.