ssd Mobilenet v3 small on MaixGo

I run ssd Mobilenet v3 small on MaixGo
here is a error:

fatal: Layer DEQUANTIZE is not supported.

Is there a new version of converter can handle this error?
Or that will be it?

No one normally replies here that quickly on this forum even on a normal day. And its Chinese NewYear holiday season - so chances of any one being active is slim.

You can try using the new nncase from github it supports it, try building from source as it is more upto date. But before that read the line below.

However if you are trying to use the new model with MaixPy, it won’t work as they don’t support the new model.

If you can or willing to build standalone firmware without MaixPy, you can achieve what you want immediately.

Thanks for your reply.