How to display coordinates in the monitor

I have a Sipeed MAIX Bit, upload a face recognition sketch - this works well. In this line: a = img.draw_rectangle (i.rect (), color = (128,0,0)) the face is limited to a rectangle, i - returns the values {“x”: 140, “y”: 46, “w” : 82, “h”: 111, “value”: 3.169619, “classid”: 0, “index”: 0, “objnum”: 3}, how can I get the coordinates “x” and “y” and display them in the monitor . Thanks.

i.x() will return the value

Thanks. I already figured it out.
img.draw_string(2, 2, ‘%0.0f’%i.x(), color=(0,128,0), scale=4)
img.draw_string(2, 30, ‘%0.0f’%i.y(), color=(0,128,0), scale=4)