kflash_gui 1.5.5

I used the latest kflash_gui 1.5.3, and 1.5.5 in linux. Both othe tool could not communicate with the k210 board.

Maixpy IDE is able to connect with the board and download the python script and debug.

1.5.5 will try for a while and report the greeting failure. the console will output

The latest is v1.3.2, now:V1.5.5

In the windows, the download is OK.

Is there any suggestion on how to make kflash_gui working in Linux?

I update the latest firmwar in windows, but could not make kflash_gui works in Linux.

It is a litte pity. The development is in the linux, but current I could not make downalod.

which version of linux you use? maybe you can try http://dl.cdn.sipeed.com/kflash_gui_v1.3.2_ubuntu16.tar.xz