Maxduino communication with esp32

I am using Arduino and PlatformIO. Does the esp32 device on the maxduino have firmware installed? It won’t communicate with the usb port or the K210 device? If so, what`s the process for communicating with it? I can’t find much documentation. It would be helpful if you could point me to some programming data.

esp32 have at firmware inside I remember
maixduino’s usb2ttl convertor support two serial, so one of it isconnect to esp32

Thanks for your response. I recently upgraded the Maixpy firmware and have verified the operation of the board, so I know the Esp32 is working normally. The Arduino implementation doesn’t seem to work as well.

Hello, at those moments when I had your situation, I resolved to be able to use esp32 of maixduino correctly after updating the firmware of esp32 through esptool

I do not remember the tutorial that Google found to update, but you can search, there are plenty of videos on youtube how to use esptool, and you must download the updated version of esp32-wroom-32, you must try through which port works for you

start here

Then log in and follow these steps

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