Reflashing system files

Hello everyone,

Recently, I flashed a kmodel file into the board but I accidentally flashed it into 0x100000 and I found that the address from 0x00000 to 0x300000 is reserved for the system files. Now none of the programmes could be executed and it automatically disconnected my board. Mine is Maix Go. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

This problem has been solved. Hope this message could help someone one day :slight_smile:

I first prepare a .bin file with all 0 inside. Simply using Windows Notepad or Linux Gedit to write and then change .txt to .bin to create the file. The number of 0s depends on the size of the flash of your board. In my case, I am using Maix Go board and the flash size is 16Mb so I wrote 16x1024x1024=16777216 zeros inside my .bin file. Then I flash it to the board from 0x00000 to completely clean all the programmes inside.

The next step is to find the suitable firmware to your project and flash it again from 0x00000 for few times. I fixed it by flashing it 2 times into the board.

Keep in mind that from 0x00000 to 0x300000 is ONLY FOR flashing the firmware. If you flash other things inside this area, maybe you should seek help from the God :sweat_smile: I do not guarantee this always works :grinning:

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