Sipeed M1W Module K210 Boot issue


I designed a custom board using Sipeed M1W processor.

While downloading blink led (Maixduino example) to M1W processor using Arduino IDE or other K210 standalone example using on command prompt, “Downloading ISP” and “Programming BIN” steps gets succeed but after these steps processor stucks at rebooting step. If I reset processor, It does not operates.

Are there any instructions to follow before programming M1W Module ? (Like downloading bootloader etc.)




If you can flash it, it means your board and M1W works.
How do you know it doesn’t work after reboot? Do you have a LED connected to the same pin configured in the built application? Does the same application works if flashed to some other K210 board?
Try to built a simple application which prints some messages and connect the terminal emulator after flashing.

BTW, PCB services are so cheap nowdays (2 ~ 5 US$ for 10 pieces of 100x100 mm double sided boards), why bother making your PCB at home?

you need check the serial output to see what happend.

BTW, your home made PCB is really neat, and seems is double-sided board, it is hard to make than single side board.
You pic let me remember 10 year ago, I made my first PCB use flat irons…
and 5 years ago my friend said exactly same word as loboris said to you…
nowadays, we make sample pcb under $1 (0.7$ with express) in 48h…
How time flies…

The reason why I’ve asked is I know how much work is requred to make a double-sided board at home.
I’ve made dozens of such boards back in 1980s and I wouldn’t like to do it agan.
BTW, I’ve ordered my 1st professional PCB in 1993 at a price of some 30 US$ per single board (~150x80 mm)

It would be great to design board with M1 (no wifi) module and put on it esp8285 with exposed more pins and pcb antenna of small size. Also maybe choose pins for deep sleep allowing to power off the K210 completely from esp

I’ve designed a similar board, but with ESP32 (connected over SPI with custom firmware).
Power management is provided by ESP32, deepsleep consumption is <10 uA, wake-up by RTC or external pin.
As the space was not an issue, ESP32-WROOM-32 module was used, but ESP32-PICO-D4 could be used to save some space.

Nice that board looks superior to Maixduino but cost is probably high too.
I’m not sure if esp32 wifi can perform faster because 8285 has same speed spi.
Esp32-s2 would be good choice too.

Thanks for answer loboris.

I’m living in Turkey and PCB Services are still expensive in my country. I’m ordering my PCB’s from China but there are some shipping problems from China because of coronavirus.

I tried another program too that blinks led and print some message from serial, but I cannot read serial messages from device… So as you said, I think device is working because I can flash but there are any other problem like bootloader etc…

Thank you for your answer Zepan.

As I explained to loboris, PCB Services are too expensive in Turkey and I cannot order from China because of coronavirus.

I checked serial output but no message received from M1W to PC.