Attempt to Stifle or Corrupt web (Google) searches for Longan Nano information.

For the past three months or so, if you use a Google Search to find any information
on the Longan Nano you will encounter many, many Fake or Misleading or potentially
Harmful links deliberately setup to look like genuine Logan Nano topics or links.

The give away is usually an French, Italian or German domain ID, e.g. .fr or .it or .de etc.
The start of each address is usually four random characters a dot then some other
word or words (often unrelated to anything, not always as seen) then the domain ID.

The Title may include the words, Longan Nano, Sipeed, Github, Platformio, Risc V
and or other non related or even stupid made-up words.

An example of today’s False, Fake offerings ~ ( Don’t Click Them ! ! )

Risc V Jtag - Giorgio Di Russo 1884
Risc V Instruction Set List - parsa
Sipeed Github
Platformio Boards - im parktheater bensheim › sipeed-github
Sipeed Github - CC Logistics Srl

And a dozen more, every single day. These were in the past 24 hours only.
Using Google Search / Tools / Past 24 hours ~ Filter option.

So who is doing all of this ?

I doubt it is a couple of School Kids with nothing better to do for amusement.
It may be a group of Other Tech, Die-Hard, internet savvy people with an auto web page generator trying to deflect interest in new products appearing on the market,
while trying to hold onto the remnants of their dying or obsolete products.

Is it sponsored by some competitor who’s product/s are old and tired or sales have
slumped and are afraid of anything new or competition coming onto the market.

Or does it go even further than that ? China vs Europe.

The internet will quickly become a very boring, tedious place to navigate for anything
if every time a new or potentially popular product comes onto the market and it’s detractors, opponents or competing interests flood the internet with dozens of pages
of misinformation, malware traps or other mischief.

If you do a Standard Google Search you may not encounter many of these Fake
web links as there were hundreds of pre-Dec 2019 legitimate links already established. But a lot of that is already outdated information or you may just want to
find more recent events or updates or news on the Longan Nano board.

I just hope this “Fake News” “Fake Information” “FakeNess” does not become a
popular trend every time some new product is released.

There is enough useless junk on the internet already.

Anybody have any interesting or new Projects or Code they would like to share
using the Longan Nano board. Things are a bit slow it seems.

I was working on a Longan Nano wristwatch, I’ve made hundreds of # Fonts or
BMP character files, but there are many, many other parts required to get it all to
function correctly and I’m not great on Code, so it’s a very sow work in progress.

Hello, I really appreciate your concern and tell the SIPEED team what is happening in the internet search results.
In relation to Longan Nano, I do not know everything that is available on the internet

But you could start by opening a post of what you are doing in this forum link:

Also here is your initial Bible:

At the moment, it is always better to use Sipeed’s Chinese pages and translate them into English. (the google translator is very good for technical translations)

I want to tell you that there are many new things that are being done, and there is a lot of work to be done to enhance with information about these products that have true potential, what you do today with Longan Nano is new, and you are one of the first generations that is developing With this technology, being one of the first always gives a great competitive advantage in the market, therefore, I encourage you to continue with the development in Longan Nano, and you can communicate how your progress is, and someone from the Sipeed team will to look at your work and it will give you help, of that I am sure.

Good luck!!!

What a difference a couple of days make. ~ :o)
Someone has done something, all of the fake links have now gone.
Even going back a Month, Past Month (search filter).

Later the evening I first posted, I found (just out of curiosity) there were 47 or more links
to the Fake style pages, just in the previous 24 hour search.

Thank you whoever fixed it, a lot less clutter to wade through now :smile:

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Wonderful!!! :cowboy_hat_face:

Well I may have spoken too soon.

It seems the Fake Links are back again, same format ~
Four random Characters (XXXX) (Dot) (Other Characters or words) (.de), (.fr), (.it) Domain.
And a page title with words like, Longan Nano, RISC V, Github, Platformio, or Sipeed etc.
It was good while it lasted.