External power Maix Dock

Can I connect an external power supply directly to the 5V power pins of the Maix Dock and bypass the USB-connector? Or are these output pins only?

To answer my own question: Yes, you can drive the board using the 5V or 3.3V pins.

Hi, did you find an answer to your questions?

Today i’m facing the same problem, I want to power my Maix from the Arduino 5V pin, and/or from the same power source for the Arduino that currently has 2000mA.

Another source of power could be the 5V pin of a Raspberry PI.

I hope some one have the answer to this questions, or we’ll have to “try and cross our fingers” .

Can you power through 3v3 ?
Maix Bit too?

No, you can’t.
Internally, the EA3036 power management IC is used to generate not only 3,3V but also 0.9V and 1.8V from 5V input.
Connecting only external 3.3V would leave the K210 without other voltages and could potentially damage the PMIC.
The same is true for M1/M1W modules to.

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Hi, I haven’t try it, but a friend of mine told me , that I can use the red pins to power the Maix

If you see the RED Pins have a label of 5V, and ofcourse you have to use the GND pins.

In the raspberry pi documentation, i found that the 5V pins are conected to the USB-Type C input, then i think we can use this pins to power the Maix.

But I did’t try it , because I had problems to connect the raspberry pi to the MaixPy using the SPI port and when I used the UART Port, the max speed was 3mpbs and i need 13mps, then i had to stop this project.

  1. Is it possible to connect 5v directly to 5v pin on Dock? Will it internally generate all other required voltages?
  2. What would be the max power consumption in milliamps by Dock with only the Camera + Wifi?

Yes, you can power MaixDock from any of the 5V pins.
As far as I remember the max power consumption should be ~100 - 150 mA

It should be possible to drive it with lower voltage over the 5V pin as well. Since it is down regulated to 1.2V - 3.3V, you just need to cover the downgrade made by the regulator at a minimum. So 3.5V should be Ok.

Thank you guys for your quick reply! I have a 5v source where I want to deploy the Dock, so wanted to confirm if that’ll work.

I made a test with a m1n module. It works with 3.3V on the 5V input.

I can imagine, but I’d expect the 3.3V pin to be lower than 3.3V, which means that your I/O is at the wrong voltage. Wouldn’t that create problems if you connect to other MCUs with their own power supply?

That should not be an issue as the defined minimum voltage for TTL (5V) inputs and CMOS inputs (3.3V) to be identified as high (1) is 2.0V.


In my test I interfaced two Maix boards (one powered by 5v and the other from the 3.3v output of that first board) via SPI. A first test up to 25MBps worked without problems (I was using the SPI slave demo in the standalone demo)