Lichee Nano Pi SPI MTD & SPI 1


I follow document form here to build kernel

But /dev/mtd node not being created for spi flash also How to enable spi1 on Lichee Nano Pi.


I am very curious about this as well. I have managed to build a patched Linux 5.2 kernel with USB support (booting off of SD card so far), but can’t get SPI0 or SPI1 to work.

I am currently looking at these two posts for guidance:

But it is slow going as I don’t speak chinese and am not very familiar with device trees LOL.

Are you using a separate GPIO for the SPI CS line? The SPI driver will not work with the built-in SPI CS.

Turns out I wasn’t on the right kernel branch. When I pulled nano-5.2-tf from the lichee pi github I was able to get it to work.

I will post my build script later this month.

Right now I have i2c-0, SPI0, SPI1, and USB Mass Media (incuding automount) working. However when I enable USB Audio or USB WiFi in the kernel; it hangs at “Starting Kernel …”. Trying to figure that one out