What is the support status of Lichee Tang Hex?

Recently I came across Lichee Tang Hex, as described on Github (https://github.com/sipeed/sipeed_wiki/blob/master/en/tang/hex.md) and on the Taobao page (https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a312a.7700824.w4002-21231188711.22.72c14a06BukRJG&id=584715084530), which is a very cost-effective Zynq-based FPGA development board comparing to many competing alternatives, but I noticed that the resource related to the board is quite few. There is the schematic of the hardware and various projects on the official download site (https://dl.sipeed.com/TANG/Hex/), but I could not find any tutorial on how to use the projects, or on a more general topic, how to bring up the board. Currently I have questions such as, how to configure Linux to boot? how to flash the bitstream for the FPGA? How to use the JTAG interface and the expansion pins?

By the way, I have seen some tutorials for other Zynq-based development board, and I’m wondering if the information described there might be partially applicable to Lichee Tang Hex, since the Zynq SoCs basically share the same concepts. More importantly, I’m wondering if there were board-dependent configs or setup procedures that would require the support from Sipeed, and if the available resources are sufficient for those.

I would appreciate if someone here could share some insights about the board or Zynq SoC with me!

I have the same problem. I even do not know how to make a boot MicroSD card with the content in the file: LicheeTang_HEX_Linux_Petalinux_osfg.7z.

Can you give me any information if you found some?




I gave up almost a year, wasting time finding information and almost no support.