Maix Dock SD card

I am trying to run this sample SD card program using standalone-sdk

I have changed the io_mux_init as follows

void io_mux_init(void)
    fpioa_set_function(27, FUNC_SPI0_SCLK);
    fpioa_set_function(28, FUNC_SPI0_D0);
    fpioa_set_function(26, FUNC_SPI0_D1);
	fpioa_set_function(32, FUNC_GPIOHS7);

    fpioa_set_function(24, FUNC_SPI0_SS3);

I have also changed cs pin to 29 at 2 functions in this file

However, sd card init function is giving an error code of 255. What needs to be corrected to get this code working on Sipeed Maix dock.

I have changed the FPIO as follows and made some progress

fpioa_set_function(27, FUNC_SPI1_SCLK);
fpioa_set_function(28, FUNC_SPI1_D0);
fpioa_set_function(26, FUNC_SPI1_D1);
fpioa_set_function(29, FUNC_GPIOHS0 + SD_CS_PIN);

SD_CS_PIN = 29

In sd_init() I get an error when sending command SD CMD8

[MaixPy] sd_init | SD_CMD8 is 5
sd init 255
SD card err

sd_send_cmd(SD_CMD8, 0x01AA, 0x87);

this is returning a result of 5, what does it signify?

My card is 512MB micro SD kingston card, which is brand new and works when inserted on a computer. However the card is 10 years old, just unpacked.