./Maix_Toolbox/pb2tflite.sh error

hello. I am tring convert model from tflite.
but Error occurred in pb2 tflite.sh,
toco: error: one of the arguments --saved_model_dir --keras_model_file is required ./Maix_Toolbox/pb2tflite.sh: line 23: usage:: command not found
I succeeded in creating the model by using tflite_convert instead
!tflite_convert \ --output_file=./workspace/hdf52pb.tflite \ --graph_def_file=./workspace/hdf52pb.pb \ --enable_v1_converter\ --input_arrays=conv2d_input \ --output_arrays=dense_2/Softmax
However, when I run program&model I made with tflite_convert with M5StickV, it freezed with kpu.forward().

Is there a problem using tflite_convert instead of pb2 tflite.sh?

Below is the version of the software used
maix_tool : latest
maipy : maixpy_v0.5.0_38_g4c4d5b6_m5stickv.bin
nncase : version 0.2