Cannot connect Maixduino to MiaxPy IDE

When i try to connect to the ide the software stays at connecting, i have reflashed the board and the kflash gui says complete and im also able to enter repl on the board.

Figured it out, i was trying to flash with very old firmware so no biggie

Tried MaxPy and seemed to have bricked my Maxduino. Won’t connect to Arduino either. Could you post the versions of the firmware and kflash that work. And any other hints that may get me running again.
Thanks. Bill

So I was trying to flash with Maixpy_v0.3.2 because I thought that was the last firmware out and after looking around I found maipy_v0.5.0_63 and I used the flash v1.5.5, I thought that bricked my board as well and after experimenting for a while I finally got it right, you might have some luck pressing the boot button as you flash, it helps me when I try to go into repl.
Hope this works

Thanks! For some reason kflash v1.5.5 locks up on my computer but v1.5 runs fine and I was able to load maixpy_v0.5… without a problem.
I do have stability problems in the MaixPy IDE but everything seems to run OK for a few minutes at a time. I am able to use the board again with Arduino also, so happy there also.