Inconsistency with Maixpy IDE and on board Maixpy

I am trying to set a specified pin ie pin 12 on maixduino board when the 20class model installed recognizes a specific class(in this case cats).
I have tried to use the suggested code to register an internal pin ie GPIO1 to an external pin ie 12.

from Maix import GPIO




Maixpy IDE complains that fm is not defined.
What am I doing wrong.

This same code works perfectly when typed into the on board maixpy console.
I am using version micropython on the board and
0.2.5 Maixpy IDE

After much searching this BBS I found the answer.
from Maix import GPIO

from Maix import FPIOA

fpioa = FPIOA()

fpioa.set_function(12,FPIOA.GPIO1) # attach GPIO1 to pin12

apin = GPIO(GPIO.GPIO1,GPIO.OUT) # set pin as output

apin.value(1) # Set pin high apin.value(0) sets it low

Pin 12 actually outputs to pin 10 on the Maixduino board.
Is there a up to date list of the common library functions I wonder?