Improve OV2640 quality for indoor captures

Please could you share the parameters you are using to improve the indoor picture quality of the OV2640 camera.

I’m using a KMODEL to detect pedestrians and it works outdoor or indoor with day light, but never at nights.

What are the autoexposure, exposure, gain, saturation, bright, contrast, and other parameters you are working with, to improve the picture quality ?


How far do pedestrians stand from camera?

HI, they are max. 7m away of the camera, the problem i see is the quality of the sensor, because I have the same solution using a Raspberry PI with a Google Coroal, and it works using the same resolution, but the neaural network that is running in the Rapsberry PI uses a SSD Model (300x300 pixels), but MAIX uses Mini YOLO (I think is 240x240 pixels) that is not good to detect “small” objetcts.

But the quality of the camera looks very bad it looks like a camera of the 2010 or less.

i set my parameters by testing, can you calculate the IOU?