MAIX BiT - Baud rates

I am sending messages to a third party device via an XBee from a MAIX BiT.

The messages received at the end device are fine if sent from the XBee but random rubbish when from the MAIX BiT.

The baud rate of the BiT is 115200 but the connection to the XBee is 9600 (the XBee is also on 9600)

Is it possible that I need the BiT to only use one baud rate or should it be able to run at 115200 and communicate on pins 9 & 10 on 9600?

Just in case someone else stumbles into this ghost town, I changed all baud rates to 115200 and it resolved my issue.

For reference you should be able to use any baud rate as long as you are using a different serial device.