Lichee nano, W25N01GV and sunxi-fel

Hello, recently I’ve been working on the u-boot to add support the W25N01GV to u-boot. “hcly” actually did that but I got the newer u-boot source forked from thritythreeforty on github. The problem is sunxi-fel spiflash-write not actually write anything to SPI nand. I just wanted to know is there a way to burn the image to the NAND through Fel mode ?

P.S. I successfully booted my image via Fel and it detected the NAND

u-boot source : u-boot source

FEL mode are AllWinner’s protocol. The boot ROM code enter FEL mode if it thinks it has nothing to boot. Since you new chip is blank, connect UART and boot without sd card and the allwinner boot proc should entrer FEL ‘mode.’

As far as you flash uogtade goes, the flash that ships is NOR (xt25f…). You installd NAND flash which the arm926ej-s is supposed to support seamlessly. I have no try.

Did you use the WSON (smt pads) or the SOIC (legs) package? Where buy? Digikey?


Thanks for the reply (sorry for 7 months late reply, I’m busy preparing for the university entrance exam). I already finished the NAND U-boot yesterday. (it’s related to the 1024 Bytes BROM reading procedure of the F1c100s and SPL loading method in the /arch/arm/mach-sunxi/spl_spi_sunxi.c). I can now flash the u boot via using uboot FEL mode

sunxi-fel uboot <myubootimg> write <1024 aligned u-boot img>  0x80000000

In Terminal I used “mtd” to read from memory (RAM) and write to SPI-NAND.

By the way, I bought these W25N01GV from Aliexpress and It’s WSON package (most common).