Maxduino - MaixPy sensor camera issues

Hi Guys,

So to begin with my LCD was in YUV mode, with the sensor set to YUV or Grayscale it worked. RGB sensor to screen did not work, corrupted image.

I have “updated” to the latest v0.5.0-120-g384ea9a and now my lcd is in RGB mode, changing sensor mode has no impact and I have an extremely washed out grayscale image.

So I looked back at my logs and originally it was this:

MicroPython v0.5.0-150-g79c3bdae5-dirty on 2020-07-22; Sipeed_M1 with kendryte-k210

I cannot see this version anywhere to download, is this maybe a board that someone has messed around with and then returned and I ended up with it?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.