MAiX Cube Firmware version compatibility

I previously posted MAiX Cube Grove connection about trying to get a Grove LED to turn on and off.

I worked it out:

from Maix import GPIO

fm.register(board_info.MIC_ARRAY_LED, fm.fpioa.GPIO0)
grove_led.value(0) # turns off
grove_led.value(1) # turns on

However, board_info.MIC_ARRAY_LED (!!!) doesn’t seem right. I got that by running board_info.pin_map(), which shows:

|   24     |     MIC_ARRAY_LED     |

And the wiring diagram at shows Pin 24 should be my Grove connection.

There are other unsual issues: my screen colors are inverted (lcd.BLUE shows yellow on the screen,
board_info.LED_R turns off the blue LED etc.

I’ve flashed my board with maixpy_v0.5.0_123_g859098d.bin from

Could this be what is causing the bad mapping?

If so, where is a good version of the firmware for the MAiX Cube?

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