MIC_ARRAY library?

Hello people,

I have successfully testet mic array code:

from Maix import MIC_ARRAY as mic
import lcd


while True:
    imga = mic.get_map()
    b = mic.get_dir(imga)
    a = mic.set_led(b,(0,0,255))
    imgb = imga.resize(160,160)
    imgc = imgb.to_rainbow(1)
    a = lcd.display(imgc)

But is MIC_ARRAY an open source library code? I want to edit it.

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Here it is:

Happy hacking!

NOTE: It uses lib_mic.h, which is a blob. :unamused:

Yet, if you have coding skills, kendryte has a demo which is likely to be very close to lib_mic.

Oh okay, thank you very much!

@forgoden were you able to build a usable library out of the standalone-demo or did you used / extended the code?