Docs/Support/Software for MAIXAMIGO

Hi there, I just received this but can not find any examples, software or documentation for it.

I’ve looked in both Arduino and the MaixPY IDE for the board and examples, but there is nothing.

My main aim is to run the Mobilenet demo on the (very nice!) board.

Anyone able to help?


Bump. My Amigo is on the way. I’ve looked for the systems-level doc for the components beyond the K210 and have come up largely interested. I’m most excited to receive this board and start working with it, but (English) doc is needed, please.

As a meta-answer, MAIX Amigo appears to be an M1n Module inside a fancy case, with a separate board to handle display, battery, etc.

There is a “K210 FreeRTOS SDK Programming Guide” around, which means someone has done a FreeRTOS port to K210, even if not full Amigo. (At this moment, I’m reverse engineering ANOTHER Seed RISC-V board because there isn’t sufficient doc. Still working on the EXMC support for the display in GD32 Eval board. :frowning: )

If you need system-level details for Amigo (I’ve abandoned my project because there’s no JTAG :expressionless:) I’d start digging for code in or

The more I learn about the Sipeed RISC-V products, the more I think they have three sets of basic schematics that just get recycled with various I/O combinations. The K210 boards are all pretty similar. The GD32V boards have Longnan Nano and WIO and then there’s the GD32 Eval board which seems more similar to cost-optimized versions of {, but with incompatible I/O.