Can not enter Captcha in maixhub email verification

Help! in order to do an online compile I need to log in to It wants to verify my e-mail address and show me this screen with a captcha I can not read/enter… Is there a way to make it show a captcha with a roman alphabet (a,b,c etc) ??

I can confirm that (on Linux) in Firefox no captcha characters are visible, In Chrome ony 3 characters are visible, only in Opera browser all 4 characters are visible.

Thanks loboris, guess I will have to go for Opera then. Unless somebody at Sipeed fixes this on their end…

Ok, turns out it does not work as I expected. After entering some random entries in captcha field I got a green pop up on the screen with some chinese message PLUS an e-mail with all chinese characters and four digits in it. Entered those digits in the captcha field and …wow… I’m IN !

Did you manage to get a valid file from Maixhub Online compile? I get a file not found error