Reducing power consumption on the MAIX Dock

I have just received the Maix Dock which is very cool. However in between acquiring and analysing images I would like to reduce power consumption as much as possible.

With the screen and camera attached and powered on with no code, the board pulls about 180mA. Running the sample code to capture and display images, about 210mA. With the screen and camera detached and continuously sleeping, about 135mA. With the cpu and kpu frequencies set to 26MHz (instead of the default 400MHz), about 75mA.

Whilst that is an improvement, it is far short of the deep sleep possible on some other MCUs which can reduce the current draw to less than 1mA.

Is there any other way to reduce the power draw of the board (preferably in micropython, but willing to look at any way at the moment).



For anyone else wondering, the most relevant answer I found seems to be here. In short, no! There is no way to get the MAIX Dock to go into a deep sleep mode because the K210 chip does not support it.