Help with

I am trying to get some of the examples in above mentioned github repo to work. I currently can’t get any simple ones that involve the camera to work, e.g.

The example only shows a black screen. No camera image. I tried the following variations:

  • self compiled
  • included binary
  • on a M1W board
  • on a Maixduino board

The result is always the same: just a black screen.

Using MaxiPy demos the camera on both boards work correctly. So, it is not defect,

Can anyone help me to get this resolved?



Seems, I finally found the root of the problem:

In short: The camera that is included in the kit is a GC0328. There is no driver in the Kendryte SDK, but it is supported by MaixPy.

Honestly, the support from sipeed is rather low, apparently, as there was no answer to this question from sipeed, although it should have been easy for them to answer it. :frowning: