Maxduino & ESP32 Wifi?

I’m having no luck in getting WIFI working on my Maxduino. I have the latest Maixpy/Micropython installed (V6.2-27) and the latest ESP32 firmware (1.4.0).

I’ve tried various suggestions/examples eg:

From the console it appears the reset works, but as soon as I try the scan or connect function it hangs and I lose the USB connection to the device and have to unplug/hard-reset.

Example session:

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong would be most appreciated -
Thank you!

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Anyone have advice on getting wifi working on maixarduino via maixpy?? HELP!

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Why don’t you switch to FreeRTOS/C++ - you will get what you want very easily

Don’t really want to give up micropython and all the ML stuff that goes with it! That part works great.

It’s disappointing that sipeed doesn’t have decent documentation/examples on making the thing work like it’s supposed to i.e. k210 <-> ESP32!

E.g. several libraries (incl esp32/wifi) have no documentation:



I had the same problem, and finally the solution came from ESP32 side.
ESP32 shall be updated.

Post about it:
Firmware to use:

After that it worked properly.