MAIXDuino LCD standalone-sdk

Hi! I’ve recently acquired a MaixDuino board (this one) and been playing around in micropython, which works fine. But I’ve started to play around in C with the standalone-sdk from github (here) and Maix IDE (this one) and when trying to import the display example or the camera-display example, the display doesn’t work. I’ve check what lcd drivers the example uses and are not the ones neede for Maixduino. For what I’ve seen in the documentation, the display is a 2,4" 320x240 display, controled with CS, and D[7…0]:

I haven’t found any libraries under the standalone-sdk, since it’s from Kendryte and not for this board only, but I’ve seen there are a few libraries under MaixPy/components/drivers/lcd . Since that is the project to compile micropython and micropython and the lcd are working, I believe it could be there. I think, but I’m not sure, that the implementation is “lcd_mcu.c”. Could anyone help me out and point me in the right direction with the drivers? And on a basic usage?