MAIX-II Firmware Flashing Problem

Having trouble flashing the firmware.

  1. I launch livesuit
  2. select the firmware image – tina_v831_sipeed_20210203.img
  3. connect the MAIX-II without the SD card installed via the USB-OTG port
    3a) have to press the reset button on the MAIX-II dock
  4. a dialog box appears, I insert the SD card
  5. I press yes in the dialog to format.
  6. nothing happens at this point, progress bar does not move.
    I waited up to 20 minutes and nothing happens.
    I’ve tried multiple times, with different SD cards (Sandisk Ultra 32GB and a Lexar 16GB)

In the console window I see the following messages
Dev Plugin The Device Path is : /dev/aw_efex1
Dev Plugout The Device Path is: /dev/aw_efex1
Dev Plugout The Device Path is: /dev/aw_efex1


My suggestion is downloading the firmware by TF card reader:
1.Connect the TF card to your PC
2.In the Ubuntu system, use DD command to flash the firmware into the TF card
3.reject your TF card
4.Plugin the TF card to your M2 dock
5.Plugin the USB cable,Check the serial port printing information

Please forgive my poor English