Suitability of Sipeed Maixduino MCU for FORTH

I have been writing a FORTH compiler for RISC-V, mainly with the idea of making something that would allow relatively easy access to hardware for embedded/real time use.
I have been targeting the Spike RISC-V emulator but would be keen to try the code on a real RISC-V device, even one with limited capabilities - I don’t mind output being restricted to a serial terminal.
How suitable would the Maixduino be for this task, do you think - is it relatively easy to bring up and so I could get a basic terminal running without too much difficulty?
I appreciate this is a rather broad question so if there are some documents I’d be better off reading please feel free to point me to them.

This could be very interesting project.
K210 is a very powerfull microcontroller well suited for FORTH (MaixBit board or Sipeed M1 module are probably better suited for implementation than Maixduino board).

I see in your repository you are using only assembler for implementation. For simplest serial terminal you could use the K210 ROM functions (K210 has a ROM from which it is started after power on, it takes care of loading the application from SPI Flash or via serial connection).

You can look at my repositories Kboot and Ktool (specially in src directory). There are some information about K210 boot proces and some low level sources you may find interesting. They also contains the toolchain needed for building for K210 as well as a minimal set of libraries for initializing K210 and serial comunication.

I’ve just noticed you’ve posted in Longan nano forum.
There is already a FORT implementation for GD32VF103 RISC-V, you may find some interesting ideas there…

Did you rewrite or made some additions?
Is it flashing faster? Any potential errors?

The full description is given in the file if you visit the repository.
Most important change is the completely new 2nd stage ISP with full sources (containing many improvements and new features, I think it is the only K210 ISP source you can find anywhere, AFAIK).
Among other things, it loads in less than 1s, compared to more than 10s in the original (features).

I would be interested in writing code like that in c# either console or winapp embedding whole flashing functionality. Maybe create visual studio extension instead using VSCode however haven’t tried yet with VS Code/C++ and worked on improving SPI communication on ESP8285 that sits on m1w. (FreeRTOS)
I plan to develop an app under windows that uses neural network pattern recognition with live feed from K210. Haven’t started thou