Can't make swap file on Lichee Pi nano


I have a problem with Lichee Pi nano. I’m trying to boot Linux desktop using SD card. as I understand I have to make a swap file before that so I tried to do that using the guide in this link:

But when I enter dd if=/dev/zero of=/swap bs=1M count=128 I get this error message:

“dd: can’t open ‘/swap’: No space left on device”
I’m using a 8GB SD card with an image file of Ubuntu desktop. Should I connect SD card to make a swap file? Or should I connect a USB flash to Lichee Pi?

I would be grateful if you help me with this issue

Thank you

Hi, is your card’s partition is enough big?
And nano only have 32M DRAM, very hard to run unbuntu even you open swap file.

It’s about 50MB but I didn’t choose it. this is created by Win32DiskImager.
Do I need to connect SD card to Lichee Pi when trying to create swap file? and another thing, you mean I can not run Ubuntu desktop on Lichee Pi nano because of the DRAM size? If so, what can I do?

gen swap file on nano is better.
50MB not enough for nano to run ubuntu.
swap memory is very slow, it will very slow even you can run ubuntu.
nano is design to run small linux, not desktop linux.

before you can add swapspace you should expand your filesystem like on the LicheePi Zero: