The MAIX Go has a MSA300 accelerometer. I have been trying to get it to work but without success. Somehow the i2c does not seem to respond. There is no example in maixpy or in kendryte-standalone-demo. Has anyone got it to work or know of an example?

we test it on arduino version, not write any maixpy code yet

After digging in the arduino code you mentioned I found the mistake. I made the classical error of getting the i2c address wrong. In the schematic it states 0x4C and 0x4D, that means that the actual i2c address is shifted right one bit: 0x26. I also noted that the I2C1_SDA, and I2C1_SCL should both be I2C0.

Anyway, for those interested in a standalone-sdk implementation have a look at the accelerometer example here.

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You can use any I2C device with FPIO, and there is actually no difference between them.

Could you share your code? @Sentry