V3s是否支持模拟视频输入/Have any CVBS input for Allwinner V3s?

我想使用荔枝Zero来把一个过时的模拟监控探头改造为IPC使用(我的NVR已经没有模拟端子),所以需要确认V3s是否支持模拟视频输入,F1C支持但SDIO Ethernet效率比较糟糕

I have an idea for modify an outdated analog surveillance camera to IP camera by Lichee Zero that aren’t any analog input of my NVR. So I need to confirm if V3s supports CVBS input, F1C support but SDIO Ethernet is less efficient

hi, you can use an external TVP5150 module convert CVBS to DVP。

OK,is GM7150BC also available?

yes, it is ok too